Thursday, March 30, 2017


Heyyoooooo! How we all doing today? It's Sistah Stew again, writing from the undergrounds of Sapporo Japan (on the subway choochoo) and I have a belly-full of really yummy bread. Everyone, Japan has good bread. I don't know how it compares to Europe, but it is GOOD. They get so creative! I just ate a deep fried egg salad sandwich! And I only feel a little bit guilty....

I DON'T THINK I HAVE TOLD YOU about one of the funniest things about being a foreigner in Japan. I call it... THE WHITE PERSON AFFECT. So you usually only see 1-2 foreigners a day, if you're lucky, and usually they are from some sort of Asian country. But mostly, everyone here is Japanese. Everyone. And white people REALLY stand out. So no matter how many people are in the train station, you will spot the only other white person in the room.

Okay sorry I'm interrupting but these 12 year old girls were staring at me in the subway so I waved at them and they giggled and they are so cute.

BUT ANYWAY!!! When you do see them you... can't help but stare. White people look so different! Their noses are so big... And they just stand out so much you have to stare! And then... The dreaded moment.  You inevitably make eye contact. And then something happens... A moment, between foreigner and foreigner where you both accept each other presence. You usually tilt your head a little in acknowledgement and then try and get away from them as fast as possible because AWKWARDDDD!!! Haha I love it. Just had one of those moments in the bread shop we were at. We both just kind of nodded at each other.
Yeah, you white too?


Highlights from this week.

We went with the elders to visit one of their female investigators who they then passed to us. When we went, unbeknownst to us (the elders knew they just don't tell us anything #classic #everytime #reallyboys?) there was a glorious feast being prepared on our behalf!
IT WAS SOME OF THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD !! This lady who is the local leader of one of those worldwide television churches went all out. There were multiple courses, people!!  She gave us full avocados with shrimp and yummy stuff mixed in. There were little minny kiesches and really yummy seasonal Japanese foods. She bought us 31 Flavours
and then put it in HAND MADE WAFFLE BOWLS which she had made out of HAND MADE Mille fille dough. Also, SHE MADE US REAL MEAT. Legit marinated, pan-fried spare ribs. Needless to say, the elders were very happy.

It's still snowing. Thought it was done so I put my sandals out on the balcony. Nah man, still winter.
I look way better in blur.

DA ZONE. Some or my favorites stacked up in this building, gotta be happy about that.

Apparently I'm a really slow walker... Can you see my companion in the shadow of the building booking it to church? We weren't late or anything. I just think she really likes to read... (That's a pun on booking it, I don't know, I'm trying people)

Oh and by the way! We found a totally GOLDEN investigator who is a super chill dude with a beard, longboard, SnapBack, and a shoelace for a belt. Gotta love it. Passed him to the elders though... Hoping they find us a cute young mom in return.


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