Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 25: FAT, FAT, FAAAAT !!

We got "gochi-ed" (fed a meal by members/investigators) so many times this week!

And we took pictures ~~~~
(Us with cookie mustaches, and me with an actual mustache.... Don't ask...)

I had a fun week everyone! Our district is so fun. We’ve been together a lot recently with all the food we've received, so super fun mega bonding time. #ShimaiLivesMatter (the new slogan for sister missionaries in the Sapporo mission.)

And we also went to THE BLUE LAKE again, and it was FROZEN!! We made jokes that it was Blue Hawaii flavored shaved ice.
 We're adorable.

Here is someone else, who is somehow, miraculously more adorable than us.

Japanese primary is the best primary.
Well, I'm off to celebrate Brother Golden's 50TH BIRTHDAY!!! We bought him a plant. :)

Also PS I spent 40 dollars today at a stationary shop and I now have three yearly planners for 2017.... Japan will be the death of my wallet... Tell no one of my shame.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 24: It's SNOWvember!!

Get it.

It's November, but it's snowing??


These are the things that cross your mind when you are walking (aka waddling) across solid ice for an hour or more at a time.

And then you waddle back home, sit in front of your heater, and eat ice cream you bought at a convenience store. It's kind of just what you do.

I am literally eating more ice cream now then ever.

Speaking of, this week we went out for 31 (as they call it in Japan AKA 31 Flavors AKA it's actually called Baskin Robins) with our investigator who is SUPER DUPER RELIGIOUS in this super um... What's the word ... Strenuous? Like, really oh STRICT. きびしい. That's the word.  Anyways it's a strict religion called "Sougakakai" or something...?  That one still sounds like a jumble of sounds to me too, so don't worry if you can't say it either. Anyway, she's presh and we love her strong faith in a higher power. She loves the concept of being with your family and friends forever after death, something her religion does not believe in!
Anyway nothing else really happened this week... EXCEPT. This is a short story, but I was using the restroom in a grocery store and I kept hearing something nudging at the door and I was really confused but it all made sense when I came out and saw a grown woman literally doing the potty dance. Apparently she was there five seconds after I went in. I felt pretty guilty, she looked miserable!

Oh today though we had a lesson where our investigator fed us mochi (pounded rice) with cheese inside <<and I almost chocked on the powdery outside, but I only coughed once, like a champ. A darn polite champ.>>, tea made from a root called GOBO, and watched a home video of her performing in a traditional Japanese dance in a festival. Very Japanese evening, I have had.

We also ate this food as a partial district (some of the elders live far away, so... Yeah, they weren't invited) and it’s this awesome Japanese food where you sit at a table with boiling broth in front of you and you stick meat in, let it cook, and then eat it after dipping it into raw beaten egg and it was AMAZING!! It was also all you can eat. And so was the ice cream.

BUT... We neglected to take pictures!

So here is a picture of District Leader Elder Dogfather showing off his boots instead.
We have a lot of groceries to lug home and it's late, so BYE BYE!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Yo, yo, yo!

Or rather, if I may, snow, snow, snow!

Because that's legit what's up (and down, and all around.)

It's already up to mid-calf and it's barely November! :)

This week I had some new ICEperiences!

Literally the first time I have ever shoveled snow.
This picture was from the beginning of the week. There's much more snow now, which is why we shoveled the whole church parking lot (can I get a woot woot?)
And then (this is the titular story of this blog post) the new missionary, straight from the MTC, totally biffs it as he's running the snow shovel across. He catches it on the ground, and he is literally flung from the bars into the snow in front of him. We didn't catch it on film, but here's a picture of the aftermath to remember it by.
It was snow funny.

And the moment I personally have been waiting for: MY FIRST SNOWMAN
Yeah, okay, not anyone's best work, but the bus came and I was still in the piling stage so I had to slap a smile on it and call it good.

This week a member took us to a planetarium (which is closed on pday, but we were able to go because there was an investigator theorem ka-chinggg) And, that day, I just so happened to be wearing my CONSTELLATION SOCKS. So on point with that one.

Two groups of teenagers took pictures of us because we're white :)

This week we made a new friend. This tiny girl coming home from school while we were going house to house started following us, so we talked to her and she gave us candy, and told her to come and meet her mom. Every missionary's dream situation. Turns out her mom had come to the church Christmas party last year, so she was totally up to talk to us, and she will be coming to this year's as well!

That little girl was so cute when we told her about our English Conversation Classes for kids, and she was just BEGGING her mom to go. So. Cute. 
I tried to translate a text we got from one of our investigators who thinks we can read kanji. Can't read kanji, can't read the translation.

A picture from last week! This is the remains of my missionary training booklet.  And turns out next week's Zone Training homework is from the same book....(I never do the homework anyway)
That's all I got!