Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 27: This was my Thanksgiving!

Our Mission President paid for us.

It's yummy stuff over rice. Welcome to Japan!

Also, apparently I'm turning Japanese because at an investigator's house, the snack of the evening was dried fish dipped in mayonnaise and soy sauce, and I was LOVING IT. Either I'm turning Japanese, or it was because that's the food that broke my fast.


Also, I made tortillas.

We had a fiesta. :)

English Conversation Class this week consisted of the three older punks, and the cutest, tiniest girl in the world.

So you had these punks in one corner.
 And in the other corner you have THIS ADORABLE PRINCESS.
She knows what to do in front of a camera.

Now let's talk about what's happening with the snow.

One morning at 6:00 AM we woke up to the elders shoveling our snow.
They built us a chair from the snow mountain covering our door. 
(A nice picture of me trying to hair flip)

This week, I had my first REAL LIFE "$B@c9g@o(B, SNOW WAR," as they call it in Japan!
And the best part was that it was with the worlds most adorable children. And then the elders showed up!

 (My companion getting buried)
As this week is transfers week, this is probably my last full district picture. Next to me (if you don't remember which one I am, look for the mustard colored skirt) is our investigator who just accepted a date for baptism! January 14th, look forward to it! I'll keep you updated.


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