Monday, December 12, 2016


And I mean that! It will be short short short!

Just a few items of business...

One, it was transfers, they happened! I am still in the Siberia area, and our snow is snow crazy. My new companion, who just so happens to look just like Rory from Gilmore Girls, is also going home after this Transfer! Which means, in all likelihood, I will remain in Siberia for another transfer after this too. :) And I literally couldn't be more excited, I never want to leave.

I'm going to get everyone to call me the New Queen of Asahikawa—the name of my area. The old queen was a missionary who just went home and had stayed in the area and surrounding areas for a long time, so I think I'll take the name for myself. My reign starts now...

ITEM OF BUSINESS TWO! We watched a One Direction music video this week. NOOOOO!!!  It was so funny. Our investigator is OBSESSED with this one Korean pop star -- posters cover her walls, when you call her phone his song plays, and every time we walk into her home she is playing one of his concerts on TV. She is the coolest 70 year old lady ever. :) BUT ANYWAY!! We were talking about our favorite music idols, and me, being the classy lady I am, mentioned The Beatles, but my companion of course had to go and say One Direction... Our investigator didn't
recognize the name, so she pulled up a video on her phone and played it for us, while me and Sister Rory, You Know Rory From Gilmore Girls and I averted our eyes awkwardly (technically, missionaries are not allowed to consume media) and tried not to bust a gut laughing. It was so funny.

AND THE THIRD AND FINAL ITEM OF BUSINESS IS THAT... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
 Me and the ward Christmas tree.
And these little cuties hanging out above our map are the cardboard friends my district leader Elder Dogfather (we are together for another transfer, that makes three!) made for me while we were making 12 Days Of Christmas signs for the ward Christmas party.

Their names are from left to right : Happy Fred; Armless, Harmless, Farmless Jerry; and Skeptical Richard.

We have fun. :)

Oh, also, the missionaries will be performing John Lennon's "This is Christmas (War is Over)" for the Christmas party. Sweeeeeet!

Okay so in the end I feel like this post wasn't actually that short! I guess you can call me a liar... I'll be more careful next time, I promise! Belieeeveeee meeeeee!


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  1. Kenzie, You sound so happy and so busy! I look forward to your posts, even this short one. lol. Whether short or long, just keep it going. Love you Kiddo.