Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 25: FAT, FAT, FAAAAT !!

We got "gochi-ed" (fed a meal by members/investigators) so many times this week!

And we took pictures ~~~~
(Us with cookie mustaches, and me with an actual mustache.... Don't ask...)

I had a fun week everyone! Our district is so fun. We’ve been together a lot recently with all the food we've received, so super fun mega bonding time. #ShimaiLivesMatter (the new slogan for sister missionaries in the Sapporo mission.)

And we also went to THE BLUE LAKE again, and it was FROZEN!! We made jokes that it was Blue Hawaii flavored shaved ice.
 We're adorable.

Here is someone else, who is somehow, miraculously more adorable than us.

Japanese primary is the best primary.
Well, I'm off to celebrate Brother Golden's 50TH BIRTHDAY!!! We bought him a plant. :)

Also PS I spent 40 dollars today at a stationary shop and I now have three yearly planners for 2017.... Japan will be the death of my wallet... Tell no one of my shame.


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