Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hope everyone had a Happy Merry Christmas, as the song goes! Meanwhile in Japan, my companion and I spent an hour trying to door-to-door carol to people, and only one person would let us. We just want to sing to you, people! Spread some Christmas cheer!!

Oh well!

But don't you worry, the ward members here treated us missionaries really well, and tried their very best to give us an American Christmas! Lots of cold mashed potatoes, attempts at gravy, and lots and lots of cake. Not quite right, but I can't complain at all!

Here's a little peek into my Christmas adventures!

Here is us caroling at a home for blind people!

(Little known fact: Japanese people take really flattering candid photos)
We even got to borrow a Christmas tree for our apartment!

Lots and lots and lots of little green plastic bits to clean up! :) If that's not what Christmas is all about, I don't know what is!

I've been dreaming about this for years now, and it finally came true! Now I can mention it in every Christmas card I write.
All hints of Christmas are all but disappeared now, as preparations ramp up 10 fold for SHOGATSU, which is JAPANESE NEW YEAR!! Literally all the decorations changed over night.

What else happened this week, let's see.... Oh I know. My Ward Mission Leader called me fat!! Okay, okay, it was actually a roundabout fat joke about another missionary, that I was the unlucky one to get caught up in... But in his defense, I was on my second piece of cake...
They pressured me into taking another slice, I swear.

It was also my birthday this week! I was on companionship splits with my Sister Training Leader, Sister Grape Juice Brand, and we went out for Round-About sushi!
Little known fact: the best part about sushi is actually the after-taste that stays all night long. Mmm, sushi burps! 

Oh and I never explained the title. It's simple really, we went caroling by the train station at 10 BELOW. It was Celsius, granted, BUT STILL!! How cool am I? (get it,  it's a temperature joke)



  1. Your days look to be very merry and bright! Maybe from now on ALL your Christmases will be white!

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