Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 33: TITLE : In Memory of the Fallen

Welcome to another installment of On My Knees With the Japanese with your favourite host, スチュワート姉妹!

This week we see a transfer coming to a close, and another one beginning! We still have yet to receive transfer calls, but in all likelihood I will be staying in Asahikawa 旭川, which I am pumped for.

It's literally the best area in the whole mission and I am NEVER LEAVING!! You can't make me go!

I gave a talk on Sunday and so many Ward members came up and told me how much I've grown since my first transfer. And then one of them asked if I was 18 yet. :) Hehehehe, yesss.  It's fun that I'm actually starting to be able to talk to these members that I've known so long!

And with the close of this transfer, comes the close of my companions mission! Yes, in missionary terms my companion is "dying," or leaving missionary life. This blog post is titled in her honor.


That was a short eulogy.

Anyway, now for a little recap of my week!

It was crazy cold. And snowy. And we were outside for all of it! But, right when we were in the thick of it all, completely knackered, and with a long road ahead of us to get home, we suddenly ALMOST GOT RAN OVER, or so we thought! A car suddenly pulled out of a parking lot while we were passing and just stopped in front of us. At first we were shocked and offended, and then we see the face of our Ward Mission Leader and our Too-Cool-For-School District Leader throwing up a peace sign. SALVATION! They drove us home. MIRACLES!

Speaking of miracles I met 15 cats while on companion exchanges.

And then, when we were on the train home from splits, the most adorable thing happens. THIS!!
We saw some young boys in uniforms and berets in the car in front of us and we could not for the life of us figure out what they were up to! And then, we heard the train announcer's voice was quieter, less confident, and at a higher pitch than usual... And then we realized. They were train boys in training!

And then they came around and gave us free promotional tissues. Oh, Japan!
In closing, I watched the Testaments this week. It is now my favorite movie. Big recommend. Must watch.

Literally, that and the Addiction Recovery Program videos that the Church produced are the most entertaining things we can watch as missionaries.



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