Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 32: If You Stand Outside of Someone's Home Long Enough, They'll Let You In

Well hello, there!

Right now I am writing from the midst of a District Activity.

You may think I am rude, not participating in the activity and all, but just look at it...

The district that chills together baptises together, or so I've just made up.  Way better than bowling, people.

This week, as the title states, if you offer to help and old woman with her snow shoveling, and she declines, and when you stand there trying to start a conversation, unsuccessfully, long enough... She'll let you in, feed you sandwiches, oranges, yogurt soda, and puts you in front of her heater.

Super happy because it was freezing that day~


And that is basically all that happened this week...?

We went on a 40 minute train ride to go hunt down potential investigators in a cute tourist town called Biei. 

That was good.

Oh, we have a new best friend, and she is really good at English!

This little girl is literally my best friend, and she thinks she is really good at speaking English! So darn cute, maaaannnnn!! A little translation, at the end of the video her mom and grandma are like "Okay, we are going home!" And she's like "Bye guys!" And then they are like, "You aren't coming? Who will you stay with?" And then she's like "My big sisters!" (AKA us.) 

We didn't actually get to take her home with us. Sad.

Also, this little girl is amazing at piano....... We thought there was a recording playing, but nope. But her hands are so tiny!! I like how she just keeps going after she catches us filming her.

I'm boring this week!

Sorry, everyone!


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