Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 8 -- MTSEE YA LATER!!!!

Well, my companion called me a toilet this week.

Don't know if it was a simple misunderstanding of Japanese particles or if she's finally open about what she really thinks about me.

Just kidding, it was the language.
This is my companion, everyone.

I am going to be in the air flying across the Pacific Ocean to the Land of the Rising Sun on MOOOOONNNDAAYYYYY!!!!
As we say in our district, WOOF. Apparently, it's a Utah thing.

13 hour flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, and then two more hours for us lucky missionaries going to the Northern Lands of Sapporo.
Again, WOOF.

I am going to sob my eyes out when our district has to split up in Tokyo.
It'll be grand.

A classy panoramic of select members of my district eating cookies instead of studying.
Classic us!

Nothing else really happened this week. It rained? I took a shower? We had class?

Oh wait I never told you. The MTC blankets are so staticky that you can see the bolts of electricity when you touch them.
My hair is loving it.

Next time you hear from me, it will be from JAPAN. My PDAY will be Monday, so you'll probably get my emails Sunday night!



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