Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 6: Sapporo Only 3 Weeks Left (I Think. Math is Hard.)

This week, we said goodbye to the big kids! They flew far far away to the land in the East. Even though they traveled west to get there.

Spheres, am I right??

Our whole zone before they left us!

Jokes aside, we are the new big kids now (DAI-SENPAI!!!)  The green beans will be here in a few hours.  And the new Japanese district came last night! They are SO cute, funny, and nice. We all already love them. I've only met a few, but I already know that Japanese people are the best!

Now that we're the big kids, both the Zone Leader and the Sister Training Leaders are in our district! Elder Solo is the Zone leader, if you couldn't infer that on your own. He gets a cell phone and everything!

It was so funny, the first time he got a phone call, we heard it ringing but we were all confused for about 5 seconds until his face lights up, and he shouts, "I'm getting a phone call, that is so cool!" And then he casually answers, "Hello."  We were all laughing so hard that he had to leave the room to hear the phone call.

Now to get serious, I have some grave news.

I've caught Punnitus.

My symptoms are as follows:
Uncontrollable giggling at my own jokes
Involuntary release of bad puns during conversations
Inability to control coming up with bad Japanese-based jokes

I don't know what I've done to deserve this PUNishment!!

It's starting to affect the people I love. Twice in class I have made terrible puns that have made everyone laugh. 

Like Monday, we were learning about conjugating adjectives (Oh, the joys of Japanese!) The teacher asked us to conjugate the adjective "ōkii" (big) into "not big." Before I could even think about the real answer, I blurted loudly "CHISAI!!" (Small) 
Everyone laughed.

And then, yesterday, I opened up my Preach My Gospel only to find a flash card with the Japanese symbol for the sound "heh" (へ) on it resting on the page. Before I could stop myself, I turned to my companion and laughed "heheheheheheh"
Even the teacher was laughing!!

I don't know what to do with myself, I'm just too punny!!
In all seriousness though, I'm such a jokester. I don't know what to do with myself, I make myself laugh so hard it's embarrassing. 

I'm not the only one doing dumb things though! My district was talking about airports, and the TSA came up, but none of us could remember that it was called the TSA. We were like "TCA? TAS? TRC????" (TRC is the Training Resource Center at the MTC where you can teach church members. We do it every P-Day.) We finally figured it out in the end!

As always, I also have funny stories about my teachers.

My companion and I were a tad late to Brother Investiteacher's class one day, so we come up to the door to find a sticky note posted on the outside (photo evidence provided below.) The sticky note read "DOOR APPROACH をしてください!" which literally means "DOOR APPROACH DO PLEASE!"

So we had to knock on the door to our classroom to try and gain entrance.  We aren't very good at door approaches, apparently, because he slammed the door in our faces twice. I guess I better get used to it!  But then the next class period, when he wasn't even our teacher, we were late (again) and he sees us down the hallway and he just starts BOOKING IT to our classroom. He had his game face on and everything. Actually, it was kind of scary, haha! My companion had to shove herself through the door as it was closing so we wouldn't have to go through that experience again.

This week, we celebrated a Japanese holiday! You write your wishes on small pieces of paper and tie them to bamboo. We tied them up to a string in our classroom that we hung over the flag. I'll take a picture of it sometime and show you guys, it's way cute!

This was my wish!

 Anyway, that's all for this week, folks!

Have a great week without me, and don't forget I exist!


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