Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 1, Nothin' but Fun

(Titles may or may not be 100% accurate.)

Otherwise known as Missing (free) Time and Couches.

It feels so weird not to have a phone in my pocket. Especially on Pants Day! (P-day, in case that wasn't obvious.)

My district!
We have 7 Sisters (including me) and only 2 Elders! Which is so crazy! That means we all get super duper loud and chatty. (And one of the culprits is an Elder, haha)

Our zone includes two other districts, one of which is our Senpai (higher-status piers) who have been here for three weeks, and the Nihonjin, or native Japanese, who will be in the MTC for three weeks.

All three zones are super funny, and we have the best time together.
And the Nihonjin are seriously the best.

I first knew our district was special when we all sat seiza--on our knees, Japanese-style--as we read through the Missionary Handbook.

The food!
The food is actually pretty do-able. Everyone always talks about how bad it is, but it is on-par with BYUH's Caf, and sometimes even better. And if you don't like any of the entrees, there's a salad and wrap station, which is always a solid choice! And the tomato soup is liquid gold.

The Dendo (missionary work!)
We have already taught our first investigator three times, and it is so awkward!!!! He's this gangly white guy in his mid-20s who "only speaks Japanese," and he is so lovable... but awkward. We always come out of there laughing because of how bad it is. But, we can only go up from here! Broken Japanese with lots of charades is so much fun.

I'm trying to think up some funny stuff that happened this week!
Already we are becoming super Japanese. We bow all the time, say  "hai!" to everyone at the MTC, even if they aren't learning Japanese... oops! Also, all the Japanese people do this thing, where they make an X with there arms when they talk! One of the Nihonjin sisters was introducing herself and when she got to her hobbies, in broken English she said, "I like sports, running..." and made the X with her arms. So now that's what we do in basically every conversation.

I have a native Japanese teacher! She is from Chiba, which is right next to Tokyo Disneyland. So very jealous of that. She is so cute and kind! I could have not asked for a better teacher, because she is the most patient person ever. And trust me, our district is crazy. She is so patient. I think we wore her out a lot this last week, because she just left for vacation to Hawaii... ;)

One of the sisters in my district taught me a basketball trick and now I spend all of play time (ie. "Exercise Time") practicing. Everyone in the gym looks at my funny now, but in nine weeks they will wish they had my dedication. You balance one basketball on top of another, and then quickly grab the top one and switch positions. So I will have a super special talent when I get back home!

Other funny things... Oh mannnnnnn, this one is good!
The second night, when we were all in the residence halls getting ready for bed, we hear just the MOST PANICKED running through the halls, and we hear a poor sister shouting "SISTER PETERSON? SISTER PETERSON!! I can't find my companion!!!!!"
Sister Peterson was in the shower.
My whole district was dying laughing, and one sister just said "Missionaries are so weird."
It's true, but what can you do!
Now anytime any of us get to far away from our companion we just say "Sister Peterson!!"
Always gets a laugh.

First week in the MTC, and we already have an apostle come to devotional! #privileges Elder Bednar and his wife came to speak, and we got seats 5 or so rows back. :)
Also especially privileged because we were the first to be able to hear the song that Elder Bednar wrote! Look out for it in the Ensign, it's called "One by One."

Ja mata, wani! (Japanese for "See you later, aligator!")

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