Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 11: Lots of Pictures this Week to Make up for the lack of Written Content, Sorry!

Here we are again! Me typing super speedily because I have no idea how much email time I have left. Classic Sister Stewart, oh boy oh boy!

Man, I can barely remember what to write! The day's blend together, I can't remember anything!

So here are some pictures!

We had Zone a Conference and Fancy Camera Elder (he's an elder in my zone with a fancy camera) was taking unflattering pictures of everyone, including me!
Everyone gave all of the new people heaps upon heaps of snacks, and I got a can of tomatoes. Again, very unflattering pictures...
Okay, so you've heard of rice cheeks, right? Thought they were a myth?  I am here to confirm they are real.

Also count how many cat-based products are in the back of this picture taken at a random Japanese store!  (Good luck)
This was taken at a China town in Japan. Haha.

Okay so I'm really sorry, but I can't remember anything that happened this week...

One of my favorite MTC friends came and stayed the night at our apartment during Zone Conference, so that was really fun! Here we are being children, classic!
We talked to people in Japanese--well, my trainer did, and I just nodded along. Haha, actually it's really bad! I have to be careful how much Japanese I pay attention to, otherwise I get really bad headaches from my brain overworking itself trying to understand every word! Sundays, after trying to figure out all of the lessons and talks and meetings at church, my brain is so fried!!

People think I'm really funny though! Apparently I have an "interesting face" when I try to understand what people are saying to me. That's a quote from this super nice guy we talked to on the bridge yesterday (who we gave a Book or Mormon to and got his number and who is totally ready to hear this gospel. He's also really funny.) Not sure if I should be offended or not. Hm!

But I really can understand quite a bit! Now just got to get back into speaking it...
I promised one of the elders in our district that I would be fluent by next Sunday, so better get working on that!

I ate squid tentacles!

And we eat tofu and cabbage with virtually every meal... We even make cabbage soup... I feel like Charlie Bucket.

Here's a picture of me with a tiger! (Note: Not a real tiger. I wasn't actually in the danger I appear to be in. But it did growl at me!)
Next week I will remember and write more, I swear. Maybe I'll do a "Day I'm the Life" edition of On My Knees With the Japanese. Maybe. If I can remember. (I probably can't.)

But I do remember this solid joke I came up with!

Okay so Konnichiwa is hello and it's pronounced K-OHHHHneecheewa. Got that part?

And in Japanese, the word for corn is K-oohn.

The other day this lady walked by and she was holding a bunch of corn.

I think you can work out the rest. ;)


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  1. Sounds like you are having quite the experience. So proud of you. Travis is officially a Utah Ute. Moved him into the dorms yesterday. It was so exciting watching him be so excited and watching his dream of attending the U come true. Love reading your blog. You have a wonderful week. Love you, kiddo! Love your aunt Pam